About us

Our history

In Japan, during tea house ceremonies, a piece of cloth was soaked in hot water and offered to travelers who stopped to rest. This piece of cloth was called an Oshibori.

Preserved over the centuries in Asia, the Oshibori is still the most popular gesture of welcome today.

To simplify this welcoming gesture, the proposed clothing has become a simple wet cotton towel.

In 2013, Franck SALAMA during a trip to Japan in the Nagoya region decided to give Oshibori its letters of nobility.

Entrepreneur at heart and field worker. It is with a principal that Franck leads the strategy of Oshibori Concept International.

Spring 2014, Liza Marshall joined the Oshibori Concept International adventure and breathes new life into it. Through her many experiences in the luxury world, Liza ensures the commercial and operational development of the company.



Oshibori Concept is a team of professionals who work together to meet the needs of customers and obtain their permanent satisfaction.

A common vision: Make the Oshibori a standard of international luxury codes.

Our promise: A high quality product - Made in France

Our concept

Refreshing scented towels with customizable packaging and scent.

The Oshibori can be enjoyed hot, cold or just at room temperature. Indeed, our towels can be passed in their cases for a few seconds in the microwave, hot cabi, oven or placed in the refrigerator a few hours before their use.

In addition, the tightness of the packaging of Oshibori Concept towels, guarantees humidification over 24 months and provides so-called comfort of a Made In France cosmetic product.

All our products have:

  • A best before date (Best Use Date) of 2 years,
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Assessment of cutaneous and ocular safety.

Unlike most cosmetic products, Oshibori respects all skin types.

Our concept


Oshibori is a luxury product and an undeniable communication tool for companies because it offers them an opportunity to welcome their customers with a "Made in France" product that can be personalized from its packaging to its fragrance according to their brand identity.

Using the packaging of Oshibori Concept towels is ideal for promoting your business: thanks to our logo customization service, communicate differently on a new medium!

Oshibori Concept towels can accompany you during your events:

  • Seminar
  • Conference
  • Board meeting
  • Annual end-of-year evening
  • Event related to your company's brand

Your customers and employees will receive special attention with Oshibori Concept towels and will appreciate the comfort and well-being they provide. With Oshibori Concept towels, they will have the feeling of an unforgettable welcome service and exceptional well-being.

In a society where pleasure plays a fundamental role, offering an Oshibori remains a highly appreciated gesture. We can therefore have unlimited fun with Oshibori Concept.

Our know-how

Made in France

To help defend jobs, safeguard the French economy and guarantee premium quality for its products, Oshibori Concept chooses Made In France. It is therefore in a region with a high unemployment rate that Oshibori Concept sets up its production in Douai and partly employs people with disabilities.

Oshibori Concept is keen to comply with the requirements of European regulation 1223/2009 for cosmetic products, to follow business standards and to the quality of its productions, our Oshibori have been ISO 22716 certified since April 2018 by Intertek.

The establishment of our "Made in France" factory has therefore enabled the Oshibori production line to be automated with unrivaled manufacturing quality and certified, confidential and protected know-how.

Certification ISO
Made in France
Our know how

Oshibori Concept : A “Green” brand

Our Oshibori are composed of:

  • A biodegradable vegetable towel (100% cotton)
  • A recyclable packaging
  • Lotion : Water + fragrant core

(Certificate in progress -ECO toxic respect of the environment)

Towel :

  • Our towel is a vegetable material (100% cotton) so biodegradable

(Biodegradability certification underway – EKO COMPOST)

Packaging :

Our packaging is transformed to become recyclable

Mono Material (water bottle)

Lotion :

  • 2 Nuclei dermatologically tested
  • COSMOS Certifiable Lotion with Natural Ingredients
  • Lotion with 98% water and a fragrant core
  • Certificate of Photo toxicity

(Possibility of sun exposure after face use)

Our Company :

Concerned about environmental and societal issues,

Oshibori Concept International is :

  • Made In France (reduced carbon impact)
  • Certified CSR Ecovadis (Bronze) continuous improvement to achieve GOLD status by the end of 2020.
  • ISO 22716 (European Good Manufacturing Practices)