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What is an Oshibori?

Originating in Japan, the Oshibori is a refreshing scented towel for single use with neutral or customizable packaging. Preserved over the centuries in Asia, the Oshibori is still the most popular gesture of welcome today.

Can I heat my Oshibori in the packaging in the microwave or Hot Caby?

Oshibori is eaten both at room temperature, hot and cold. Thus, it is possible to pass your Oshibori in its case for a few seconds in the microwave (the time varies between 5 and 10 seconds depending on the microwave). The Oshibori will stay warm between 7-10 minutes after it has been reheated.

Can I reuse my Oshibori?

Our Oshibori is a disposable towel, so it is doomed to be thrown away after use. However, nothing prevents you from recovering your used towels and having them machine washed at 30 °. They will not keep their smell and will be nothing more than dry towels.

Can I put my Oshibori in the fridge?

Oshibori is eaten both hot and cold. So, to optimize its freshness, you can place your Oshibori in the refrigerator (in its case) a few hours before use. The cold Oshibori is very appreciated after a decongestant treatment for example or in hot countries.

How to store Oshibori?

We recommend keeping Oshibori below 25 degrees at home.

However, it should be noted that for large volumes of orders, Oshibori Concept International offers to store part of your production in its offices.

What is the price of Oshibori?

Oshibori prices are decreasing according to the quantities requested.

How long does it take to have my order?

The time between the order and the delivery depends on two data: the delivery address and the type of production.

The production time differs depending on the customization chosen.

The production of a semi-personalization will take 4 to 10 days, depending on the schedule, while the production of a total personalization varies between 5 and 7 weeks. For metallic colors we use rotogravure which reduces the delay to 6/8 weeks. For a personalization of perfume, it takes 4 to 6 months.

Are the Oshibori MADE IN CHINA?

To help defend jobs, safeguard the French economy and guarantee premium quality for its products, Oshibori Concept International has chosen Made In France. Since APRIL 2017 the Oshibori are Made In France and it is in a region with a high unemployment rate that Oshibori Concept installs its production in Douai.

Located in Douai in the North of France. The Oshibori factory is the combination of real industrial competence with strong social action: it is an adapted company which also employs disabled workers.

Who are Oshibori Concept International's customers?

Oshibori Concept International products are intended for prestigious customers. Thus, companies wishing to improve the customer experience of their company.

Oshibori Concept towels are produced for companies in the luxury sector: from hotels to restaurants through prestige transport or any company wishing to enhance the customer experience of their company.

Thanks to semi-personalization, the Oshibori becomes an undeniable marketing support, the Oshibori is a welcome product that suits any client.

Can I reuse an Oshibori that has not been opened but has been heated in the microwave?

The Oshibori which has not been opened but heated can obviously be reused.

Why is semi-customization more expensive?

Semi-personalization is more expensive than total personalization when you look at the unit cost of a semi-personalized Oshibori compared to that of a fully personalized Oshibori. Indeed, semi-personalization is possible by the technique of overprinting, which implies handling that is different from that of the factory: producing in small quantities costs more than on a large scale.

What is the minimum quantity to have an Oshibori in my name?

Personalization of your Oshibori is possible from 50 pieces with the practice of semi-personalization.

Can I choose my perfume?

The fragrance of Oshibori is also customizable from 12,000 pieces

In order to make your Oshibori even more memorable, to be even more identified and identifiable with your brand, you can get an exclusive and unique Oshibori Concept towel impregnated with a personalized fragrance.

We can integrate your own scent or create one for you.

At Oshibori Concept International we offer you a diagnosis allowing you to identify your expectations, your tastes and your personality in order to transcribe them in a unique fragrance: yours. Thus, your Oshibori will wear your own perfume composed by our master perfumers.

Why choose total customization rather than semi-personal?

With total customization, you have no printing constraints! You can print whatever you want wherever you want, unlike semi-customization where there is a reduced print area. In addition, you can choose your perfume! It should also be noted that the unit price of an Oshibori in full customization is lower than that of a semi-personalized Oshibori.

How long can I store Oshibori?

The unused Oshibori have a duration of 2 years, which makes it possible to order larger quantities and to store in order to pay less.

What is the difference between Oshibori 10g and 15g?

The grammage of the cotton is different so the thickness of the towel is not the same, nor the finishes of the seams. It should also be noted that in neutral and semi-personalized packaging the Oshibori 10g are made with green tea and the 15g are made with white tea (or orange blossom for golden).

Can I put Oshibori on my face?

The Oshibori is a refreshing towel 100% cosmetic product for hand and face.

Oshibori Concept is keen to comply with the requirements of European regulation 1223/2009 for cosmetic products, to follow business standards and to the quality of its products, our Oshibori have been ISO 22716 certified since April 2018 by Intertek.

What are the advantages of a personalized Oshibori?

The personalized Oshibori allows your client / guest to leave with an Oshibori on which a message will appear. And this is how, beyond its "well-being" function, the Oshibori is a fierce object of communication. Using the packaging of Oshibori Concept towels is ideal for promoting your business, sending a message: thanks to our logo customization service, communicate differently on a new medium!

Is it possible to resell my personalized Oshibori?

It is your right to resell the Oshibori which bears your logo.

What perfumes are available?

We offer 4 fragrances: white tea, green tea, orange blossom and unscented to flavor your Oshibori but remember that we can also create the fragrance of your desire from 12,000 pieces.

Are Oshibori suitable for children?

We recommend not using Oshibori in children under 36 months of age.